“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination.”

~ Carl Rogers

Mountainside Counseling

Specializing in Millennials, Anxiety, Depression. Serving all of Northern Colorado.

Need Help Navigating Life?

Are you overwhelmed with emotions and how to function?

You have a lot going on with your own life, it is so hard to deal with other people’s too! How are you to juggle this alone? Why does it seem like you are the only one in your life that is handling everything?

Are you up at night thinking about what to do?

This is terrifying. It is like you are the one person who needs to handle it and you need to handle it now. But what can you do? Worry, of course!


Why do these things always happen to you?

It seems like you are some kind of magnet and these issues always seem to come back around to you! What’s with that? Why does it feel like I am dealing with this again?

Do you feel like your relationship with your parents or other family members is struggling?

Often as we grow up our parents change rolls in what we may be used too. Sometimes this transition is very smooth and other times it is rather bumpy. Navigating this new relationship can be tricky. Sometimes as the parent you are unsure how to handle your adult child and often as the child, there are feelings of judgment and lack of understanding. If this fits you, than we may be a great fit! Chat with us today to see if we could be of service to you!

What if I want the help, but I don’t know how I feel about counseling?

The reality is someone is going to handle your problems. You can have a trained professional who has an advanced degree and specializes in your area of concern, or you can try to handle it alone. It is a lot like skydiving. You can either learn from a professional and get the right training, support, tools, etc., or you can jump out of the plane by yourself. Either way you have to jump out of the plane.

How Can Mountainside Counseling Help You?

As a trained National Certified Counselor I am here to be by your side through the hard times that cause pain and anxiety. My purpose is to assist you in healing and looking toward the future. We will look at your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in a compassionate and non-judgmental environment.

  • Therapy is designed to empower you to have an incredibly fulfilling life!
  • Therapy is not beating around the bush and telling you things will be okay and you can push through.
  • Instead, we will learn, grow, laugh, and cry.
  • And soon enough, you will begin to heal.

How We Can Help…

Young-adult millennial life counselingHere at Mountainside Counseling we specialize in…

  •  Adult Children of Parents with Personality Disorders (or other family members)
  • Anxiety
  • Self-Worth
  • Grieving of the Living and the Dead

Mountainside Counseling works with these insurance providers:

We are located at:

1023 B 39th Ave
Greeley, CO 80634

“Great job making connections for the signs of depression to be aware of through social media. She did a great job of building on the information and providing a foundation for loneliness. The instructor did particularly well on explaining everything with examples. She took the time to bring it to reality for me by putting it into everyday situations.”

- Allie P.

“The information I learned from this was that how social media has a big effect on people. It was a eye opener. The subject is not something I hear talked about much. It made me check myself and realize the effect of my actions on social media. I think everyone can relate to seeing hateful and mean things said on social media but don’t know how it effects others. I feel this was very beneficial for me and I feel it would be for others as well. The pressure of social media has changed everything. It is cool to have it but I believe it can do more hurt then good to people. When it’s posted the whole world can see it now. The effects of others opinions and some just rude comments have a great deal of stress and hurt on people. I am glad to have heard this and will be more aware of my actions on social media.”

- Zach B.

“Honestly, within moments of meeting Laura..I felt a sense of relief. Laura has something about her that naturally gives a true sense of trust. I am very grateful to have found someone so passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. My time with her has truly been a gift!”

- Alexis B.

“Laura is very good at going to the heart of the issue and helping you to find solutions! She is kind and honest, challenging and compassionate- just the right mix of a therapist who wants her clients to feel better! I am very happy to recommend her to EVERYONE I know!”

- Lisa N.

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