Help! I just got huge jaw-dropping news about my family…

Are you used to taking clients so emotionally in shock and not together?

Absolutely. This is a big passion of mine, and I have done it a number of times. We get this big news like “Mom died, dad died, sister/brother died,” or “I found out who my birth parents are” or “I found out I’m adopted.” These life changing moments are incredibly earth shattering. A lot of times we loose a sense of who we thought we were and now we have some redefining to do! It is very stressful and confusing. Luckily, there is away to help you through it without it feeling like your stuck to handle your emotions yourself.

What’s worse is a lot of times when trying to explain this to friends and family they either don’t know what to say and can often make you feel worse for your experience,  or they are too invested and involved in your life to not take it personally. This often causes immediate rifts between family and friends because “they only want to help,” but you are feeling too betrayed and vulnerable to discuss something like this with them.

Often the first emotion we feel is shock. Then we can feel sad, or angry soon after, and then we feel like we have to hide these emotions for along time because it is not appropriate to address them to the people we need too. This can leave us bottling these emotions just hoping they don’t rise to the surface.

Unfortunately, emotions don’t work that way. Emotions are a lot of like objects. You may want to loose something, but it does go somewhere! Emotions however can’t get thrown away, they just get stored somewhere. Usually in our body somewhere, our stomach, head, chest, shoulders. Then we wonder why we are getting headaches so much! Well, stored up emotion causes tension and stress which then gets turned on to the body.

Addressing these issues while you are in shock will allow you to deal with what is happening and not feel like you are constantly carrying around with you. If you are wondering if counseling is a good option, here are some questions to help you decide if counseling is appropriate for you right now.

  1. Am I in such shock that I feel my identity is hit?
  2. Do I struggle to talk to people and feel like I have an emotional open wound I don’t know how to explain?
  3. Am I sensing a sense of self that is lost?
  4. Is it hard for me to express my emotions I feel are important to talk to about this situation?
  5. Are you angry and not sure how to express that?
  6. Am I avoiding my emotions so I don’t have to feel vulnerable?
  7. Am I having stomach aches, headaches, that feel out of place than my normal medical understanding of my body?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact me below! I can get you in immediately and we can work to help relieve you of your emotional pain as soon as you call.

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