Grief and Loss of the Living and the Dead

Grief. Bereavement and Death or Loss of a Loved One

  • Do you feel numb?
  • Do you feel like this happend so fast and you can’t catch your breath?
  • Are you angry?
  • Are you unsure how to handle all these emotions at once?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to talk to someone. 

The grief and loss process of a loved one is so jarring. It is as if your heart was ripped out with no way of getting it back.  Living grief often looks like: anger, saddness, resentment, denial, bargaining, and confusion.

Specific counseling is designed around you to go through the process the way your brain and body naturally process it. You may notice physical symptoms such as: difficultly breathing, lack of motivation, trouble sleeping and/or eating, or not wanting to connect with others, tembling, or feeling hopeless.

Grief for the living may sound confusing to you. As you have seen one of our major specialities is in adult children of parents with personality disorders. When we are grieving the living, this just means to grieve the loss of the parents/relatives we desperately needed but didn’t have. We grieve what was needed for us in childhood and maybe still need, but know we can not get back or we cannot have it restored for our future.

The benefit of coming into counseling for grief and loss:

Financial: You will be able to focus on the primary emotional aspects you need to focus on to make better financial decisions regarding your future or for other family members.

Emotional: This kind of pain doesn’t just “get better” even though we hope that it does. What you will have is someone guiding you through the emotional waves that this brings for you. You will know how to tread the water and not feel like you are drowning whether this is a small wave for a tidal wave. We will also learn skills on how to show you when you are grieving so we can see how the waves come.

Physical: Anytime there is grief we can feel the physical pain we are in. It often comes from crying a lot, or getting headaches if we are ignoring the pain. With our help you can start to feel release from physical pain because your allowing yourself to heal the way your body is trying to let you heal.

Spiritual: To give you hope that it does not have to feel like this forever.

What You Can Expect

Mountainside Counseling offers counseling in Loveland. Grief and loss of a loved one counseling can help you move through the healing process from feelings of hopelessness to a sense of peace. It is natural to expect to: deal with the anger, denial, sadness, bargaining, and acceptance (Küblar Ross) of a loss.  We have to relearn how to live and adapt to a new life of the person not being with us anymore. This is very painful and includes feeling the emotional and physical pain grief has.

Grief is one of our primary healing emotions. Mountainside Counseling can help you use your grief as a healing and restorative measure instead of a debilitating reality that can affect your view of life in general. Mountainside Counseling can help guide you through this by listening to your story and understanding your specific loss.

Laura is here to help guide you through your unique grief process.

If you or someone you know is struggling with grief and loss of a loved one, call Mountainside Counseling for your first appointment today!

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